Veteran Program

Our Veteran programs focus on the social and emotional aspects of the horse-human connection and bond. We utilize a curriculum specifically designed for Veterans and put forth by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, (PATH International) with supporting published data from the Man O’ War project:

How Horses Are Helpful in Treating PTSD

  • Horses are prey animals and naturally skittish (hypervigilant), presenting an opportunity for veterans to recognize and understand fear responses.
  • Horses are naturally sensitive to verbal and nonverbal cues, and thus provide good feedback to the veterans about how they are communicating.
  • Horses are herd animals, who live in a social structure and seek out social relationships.
  • Horses exist “in the moment,” and are forgiving, patient and nonjudgmental, allowing opportunities for veterans to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Unlike dogs, who grant love unconditionally, relationships with horses must be earned. One must build trust with a horse for it to welcome you into its world. Through EAT, veterans re-learn how to build trust and how to trust themselves again – valuable tools to help veterans succeed with family, work and social relationships.
  • EAT isn’t simply about making veterans “feel better,” it’s about helping them increase emotional awareness and the ability to regulate their emotions.

"STABLE is providing a wonderful opportunity for our student veterans to develop confidence and calm in their shift into academic and civilian life. The veterans love working with Heather and her team, and the equine assisted learning/therapy has fast become a highlight in their weekly schedules. We look forward to many years of collaboration to help our student veterans thrive emotionally and academically"

– Robert Geraci
Director for Veteran Success Manhattan College, New York City

Our equine partners support and encourage our Veterans in (re) building relationships, trust and confidence, with overall skill and leadership building. We are committed to respectfully providing support, structure and compassion to our Veterans during this 4 week program.

Equine Assisted Learning

An experiential learning experience where clients are offered a safe environment with horses to learn and enhance social-emotional skills, personal development and leadership building.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

An experiential therapy administered by a licensed mental health professional and a certified equine specialist to address specific psychotherapy treatment goals. For each session we use a team approach including an Equine Specialist partnered with a psychotherapist and of course our equine partner the horse.

Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) is a non-traditional mental health intervention that has proven to be beneficial to veterans in enhancing overall wellness and can help to reduce symptoms related to trauma, anxiety, and depression.

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"

– Winston Churchill

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